il Capriccio Food Drive 2013

il Capriccio Food Drive 2013


Our Food Drive was a smash hit. Thanks to everyone who came out and helped feed the hungry. You’ll be pleased to know it took 3 cars to transport all of the donated items to opens in a new windowBurbank Temporary Aid Center!

And an extra big hug to one of our favorite regulars, the lovely Malin Akerman, for lending her name and support!

Hope to see everyone again next December 🙂

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  1. Thank you for being “human”.

  2. il Capriccio,

    Not only am I the Director at Burbank Temporary Aid Center, I live in the Los Feliz neighborhood and LOVE il Capriccio! I am very touched that you are hosting this food drive for our organization. I will definitely be in for the event!

    Thank you so much!

    • It’s our absolute pleasure, Barbara. You guys do an AMAZING job. Look forward to seeing you at the event, and making this Christmas a little brighter for those in need 😉

  3. this is so awesome of you to do- you have a great heart as well as great food! i’m on the board at BTAC and can’t tell you how much we appreciate this!!

  4. One of the reasons it’s great to be a part of Los Feliz Village! Count Yuca’s in for this wonderful event!

  5. See you tomorrow Gianni and Kiki

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